What Is Radon Gas?

Radon Gas is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that occurs from the natural breakdown of radioactive material within the ground. Prolonged exposure to radon is detrimental to long-term health.

Radon Testing

Construction Optimization provides all the testing necessary to evaluate the concentration levels of radon present in your home. Make sure to call us in as part of your new home inspection.

Radon Mitigation

Removing radon gas concentrations that are in your home is essential for keeping your family safe. That is why Construction Optimization refuses to cut corners when it comes to the safety of your home.

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Whether your are buying a new home or are just wanting to make sure you are living in a safe environment, trust Construction Optimization to get the job done right the first time! (864) 616-4467

Reduce Radon & Increase Your Health & Well-Being

Call our specialists for radon testing & mitigation in Simpsonville

Construction Optimization performs radon testing in Simpsonville, as well as radon gas mitigation. But what exactly is radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the ground. It originates from the natural decay of elements in the Earth. This colorless, odorless gas can be present under and around homes and other buildings, slowly seeping in and affecting the air quality and water in your home.

It’s a scary thing to think about, but this harmful, radioactive gas could be present in your home right now. But you can test for radon, and have the problem fixed right away by calling Construction Optimization. With our extensive radon services, you and your family can have peace of mind knowing you’re safe from harm.

Don’t leave the health of your family up to chance

Construction Optimization can locate the source of radon gas, provide you with a written report and, if you chose to move forward, mitigate the problem as well. When you work with our professionals, you can expect us to:

• Educate you about radon and what we’re doing to locate and fix
• Thoroughly evaluate of your home to detect dangerous radon levels
• Apply our 30 years of construction experience to every project

Many individuals are unfamiliar with radon, despite it being the second leading cause of lung cancer (behind cigarettes). Testing your Simpsonville home for radon gas is simple and can lead to mitigation, which will improve the health of those closest to you.

Taking the right steps now can make a world of difference for your family and those you care about. For radon gas testing and mitigation in and around Simpsonville, call the professionals at Construction Optimization right away at (864) 616-4467. We serve residents in Greenville, Easley, Woodruff, Clemson, Gaffney, Greer and others.

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