Personal investment in the safety of your home

Serving Simpsonville, SC

Construction Optimization, LLC was established by Tim Pittman over 11 years ago. After spending 30 years as a general contractor in the construction of new homes, radon became a very personal passion for him when his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Never having smoked a cigarette in her life, how did this happen?

It turned out that the home that Tim's mother had lived in for decades had a high concentration of radon gas. After years of inhalation, the cancer developed. This event motivated Tim to go back to school and learn as much as he possibly could about radon and the mitigation and removal of it from other homes. Tim now works to keep other families safe so they do not go through what his family was subjected to. When it comes to the safety of your family, do not cut corners. Call Construction Optimization for all Radon testing, removal, and questions.