Get Rid of Radon Through Professional Mitigation

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There are a few ways to reduce/eliminate the prevalence of radon in a home, but the Environmental Protection Agency highly recommends the use of a depressurization system.

Because the atoms of radon gas are so small, they can seek up through the ground and navigate through many surfaces, including solid concrete. With a soil depressurization system, an area is dug below the surface and an electric radon vacuum fan is put in place through a piping system.

It layman’s terms, the radon is sucked out of the area below your building before it’s able to reach the inside of your building. This vacuum and piping system is permanently set in place, so your home is no longer being directly exposed to radon. You wouldn’t hear or notice this type of system, but you’d know that your home is being protected from radon exposure.

Confusion about radon, the testing process and the mitigation process is normal. It’s involves a highly specific process, but every building owner should be aware of the basics. That’s why Construction Optimization is happy to:

• Come by and get to know you, your home and your radon issues
• Breakdown any questions or concerns you have about radon, and our mitigation process
• Provide you with proposals, reports, estimates – whatever is needed for your comfort
• Provide a hassle-free experience so you have can peace of mind without the stress

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